Group Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance

Which Medical Expenses Are Not Covered Under Your Major-Medical Plan?

When life takes unexpected turns, there is no substitute for preparation. It is impossible to know when health issues might arise, but when they do, are you fully ready to handle the aftermath? With the National Prosperity Life and Health Insurance Company (NPLH®) Shield One Group Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance plan coverage (Form Number NP FI CERT TX 817), employees can gain the certainty and peace of mind that your health needs will be covered no matter what happens.

The NPLH® Shield One pays a set amount to you for not just unexpected hospital visits, but you will also be eligible for monthly, Health Management / Wellness Benefits to help you to monitor your health and prevent chronic, health conditions from developing. One of the main reasons that the Group Shield One is so valuable is that when you are hospitalized, there are usually out-of-pocket, medical expenses associated that are not covered under your primary health insurance plan either because of your plan’s cost-sharing arrangement or because certain services will simply not be covered by your major-medical policy.

The Shield One can complement your major-medical coverage by covering many of these out-of-pocket costs. If you are ever hospitalized due to an accident or illness and meet the requirements to receive benefits, you will receive a fixed claim payment that can be used to help pay for any of your out-of-pocket, medical costs or services such as ambulances, hospitals, physicians and intensive care unit visits. In addition, the NPLH® Shield One can also serve as a safeguard to provide preventative care by allowing you to have access to monthly, Health Management / Wellness Benefits from physicians, nurses and other health care professionals so that you can stay on top of your health on a monthly basis.

Secure More Comprehensive Medical Coverage And Monthly Health Care Screening

NPLH® Shield One Group Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance provides access to those who meet the requirements for monthly, cash benefits for the following services that may not be covered under your primary, major-medical plan:

  • Daily Hospital Confinement
  • Daily Hospital Intensive Care Unit Indemnity Benefit
  • Outpatient Physicians Office Indemnity Benefit
  • Ambulance Indemnity Benefit
  • Accidental Death / Dismemberment Benefit
  • Monthly Health Management / Wellness Indemnity Benefit

NPLH® Shield One Group Fixed Indemnity Plan Advantages

  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Annually Renewable
  • Accidental Death / Dismemberment Benefit

Safeguard Your Employees And Protect Your Business With NPLH® Fixed Indemnity And Health Management / Wellness Benefits

By enrolling your employees in the NPLH® Shield One Group Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance plan, as an employer, you are both securing their health while you also help to protect your organizational well-being. You will be adopting a program that not only helps to cover unexpected medical issues but also serves to address any potential health issues before they arise through monthly, Health Management / Wellness Benefits. No matter what medical issues could arise for your employees, the Shield One will ensure that you have done all of the necessary preparation to combat the problems both before they happen and after they occur.

Health Management / Wellness Incentives For Employees

  • Health risk assessments to determine risk factors for various diseases
  • Monthly wellness coaching with a certified health advisor to develop a customized wellness program for each employee
  • Participation in online coaching activity, as directed by a Healthcare Professional or Physician

What Health Management / Wellness Can Do For An Employer’s Organization

  • Potentially lower health claims through good health by participating in monthly wellness activities
  • Cultivate healthier lifestyle choices
  • Reduce sick days taken
  • Maximize employee productivity