National Prosperity Life And Health Insurance Company, Inc.


At NPLH, we develop the products that our customers and agents have both been searching for. We are currently contracting with brokers and agencies who are seeing the great need that our insurance product line fills for their customers including our term life policy as well as our fixed indemnity health insurance plan that contains a monthly, health management (wellness) benefit.


Life is never predictable, which is why no future, family financial planning is complete without life insurance. Our Summit Term Life Insurance Program is simplified issue meaning it is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure that families are truly covered no matter what the future may hold.


National Prosperity Life and Health proudly presents its Shield One Group Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance plan, which will fill in the gaps of your major-medical plan by covering an array of hospital expenses while also offering extra incentives such as a monthly, Health Management (Wellness) benefit.

Grow Your Business & Blow By Your Competition With Your Unique Product Offerings
NPLH Summit Term Life Insurance: Secure Your Family's Legacy
Group Fixed Hospital Indemnity Covers The Gaps In Your Health Insurance
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Welcome To National Prosperity

At National Prosperity Life And Health Insurance Company, Inc. We Are Committed To The Development Of Insurance Products That Help Both Employers And Employees Alike To Be Protected And Prepared No Matter What Circumstances Present Themselves Both Now And In The Future.